Monday, 13 September 2010

Healing Salves and Pansys!

Merry Meet All!

Ok, well let's kick this off on a good foot... The life of the witch made use of his kitchen today and made a healing potion for the skin, which I will talk you through in a moment, but first I thought I'd show you something that I found in my garden this morning.

This tiny little plant is a wild Pansy or Heartsease and whilst I was looking for potion ingredients in my garden this morning for my healing Salve he jumped out at me! Heartsease is a gorgeous little plant which is reasonably common in Britain, although they are so small that one can be forgiven for missing them!
There's a little information which can be given about them, and it seems only right that he should make it onto my blog, afterall, he has taken up residence in my lawn!

  • Pagan's and Witches mainly celebrate this little plant at Midsummer (Litha)
  • Magically, Heartsease has strong connections to the Heart, and thus, is used magically in spells and potions relating to the Heart (Heart-break?!), love and fertility!
  • Medicinally, as a member of the Violet family, his leaves and flowers are good for Skin disorders, releving Cystitis, Acne, Chest problems inclucing coughs and enhancing the circulation!
It's a shame, because given that we are in September, he is a straggler because they finish flowering in August!

Anyway... back to my Healing Salves!

These are Incredibly easy to make, as long as you have an aim, and can research the appropriate herbs... feel free to adapt my potion for your own personal use! This (as an example) can be used to treat spots and Acne....

  1. Herbs - I Used Elf's Leaf (Lavender) and Priest's Crown (Dandelion Leaves)
  2. Saucepan or Cauldron
  3. Carrier Oil - I used Olive Oil
  4. Strainer
  5. Beeswax
  6. Jars
  7. Book of Shadows

OK... so First off, I chose both Elf's Leaf and Priest's Crown for their medicinal properties (See the end of today's post for a factfile of both herbs.

I decided to cast a circle to make my potion in, since I cast a spell into it, but that's your choice! 

Over a low heat put your herbs and oil into your cauldron or saucepan and stir occassionally. The idea is to extract the properties of the herbs out of them and into the oil so you don't want the oil to be too hot or you'll cook them! Since I used Elf's Leaf, you can get an idea of when this is finished because you will be able to smell it in the oil - but in my case, I infused for about an hour!

"Blemishes, Spots, Marks and Scars,
I Cast my Circle here today,
I Make this potion in Sacred Space,
to Banish you away.
Leaf of Elf and Crown of Priest,
all go into my brew;
Their magic secrets I unlock,
to cure my skin of you."

Once you are satisfied that the herbs have diffused into the oil, pour the contents of your cauldron into a strainer and remove the spent herbs - Usually when I use herbs, I return them to the Earth when I have finished but since these were covered in Oil, they were discarded! 

Next, I grated beeswax and added it to the oil - Then it just needs to cool in jars! to ensure that it is the consistency that you want it to be dip a metal spoon into the mix and let it cool - that way you can either add more wax to thicken or more oil if it is too runny, but essentially it is your choice! Finally, add your findings to your Book of Shadows!! Easy Peasy!

I'll leave you for today with the herb factfiles below but feel free to comment; in the meantime Blessed Be and be sure to check back for more in the life of a witch!

  • Dandelion can also be referred to as Lion's Tooth, for it's flowers - or Priests Crown in reference to it's leaves.
  • Magically, The seeds of Lion's Tooth can be used for Divination (Ask and Blow!!!)
  • It is a masculine herb that relates to Air and Jupiter.
  • Medicinally, the sap can be applied to verrucas and warts and Priest's crown is good for the skin! It can also be used to aid digestion (eat the leaves in the Spring as an after-winter detox but beware, they are bitter!!)
  • Try making Lion's Tooth Oil for muscle pains and to aid the sinuses, also, drink an infusion of Lion's tooth for Headache!
  • Elf's Leaf are used in spells relating to Love (particularly in attracting men), Psychich awareness, happiness, Creativity, Money, Business, Peace and Healing!
  • Burn Elf's Leaf at Litha as an offering to the gods.
  • Elves are supposedly attracted to it!
  • Medicinally, is good for the skin, anxiety, headaches, flatulence nausea, haltiosis, and may even prolong life!

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