Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Making Mabon Smudge Sticks!

Merry Meet Everyone!

Well I had hoped that I was going to receive a delivery today for my witch cupboard, which was going to be the topic for discussion on today's post! Alas, it hasn't turned up (Cheers, Postal Service!) but never fear, as prepared as I am, I have a back-up plan for today!

Next week is Mabon; So i've had a look around the garden for herbs that I can use in part of my celebration! This year, I have decided that I am going to make smudge sticks and (good as I am) I've stuck it all up on my blog so that you can see and try yourself! What's more it's easy (PHEW!)

Similar to Lughnassadh (Lammas), Mabon is all about the harvest of the year - so for me, there is nothing more perfect for these celebrations in collecting your own herbs that you have grown or from your neighbourhood. Obviously, if that isn't possible (you may not have a garden!) then buying them is perfectly acceptable too! I'm not going to explain Mabon in too much depth (that's another post!) but try to bear in mind the reason behind the celebration.

So anyway, my garden doesn't boast a huge array of herbs, however, I do have Elf's Leaf (Lavender) and Dew of the Sea (Rosemary). As always, I will add a 'factfile' of information on the herbs that I am using at the bottom of the page - See yesterday's post for Lavender information!

OK... so firstly, I should explain that I am using fresh ingredients from my garden, so if this is to be ready for next week's celebration, I need to make it now, to give it time to dry out! But WHY use smudge sticks?!
Well, in its most simple form, smudging clears a space (or an object) of negative energy - think of it like a cleanser! It is similar to an incense in that they smell nice - but furthermore, they're actually disspelling negativity for you! Feel free to cleanse yourself, a room, and object - the possibilities are endless!

So let's get to it!

  • Freshly harvested Herbs
  • String
  • Book of Shadows

Firstly, As shown in my picture - you need to collect your materials... do your research and find out if they are toxic if burnt first though!! These are my bunches of Elf Leaf and dew of the Sea!

Next, you need to wrap a length of string around one end of the combined bunch - try to put all the woody ends together as it holds (and burns) better.

As I have in my picture, you need to wrap the string every-so-often along the bunch.

When you reach the end. Wrap it around again and finally tie it off at the bottom of the smudge stick!

See - I told you it was easy! Now all you need to do is hang it somewhere that isn't humid so that it can dry out - this can take anywhere from a few days to a week! Be careful to wrap the smudge stick tight enough to stop it from falling apart - but not so tight as it cuts the flesh of the herbs! Make sure that you record it all in your book of shadows so that you can look back for future use!

Also, When you light the smudge, the idea is to let it smoulder (it's the smoke that you want after all!) but it's probably better to use a candle to light it, as they can take a while!

So that's it for today! - Tomorrow I should (finally) receive my order, so no doubt there will be another post to look forward to! So until then.... Blessed Be, and Happy crafting!

  • Magically, Dew of the Sea is used for Purification and Protection (see above!!)
    • Spells dealing with Youth, Love, Lust, Sleep and to increase Intellect.
  • Medicinally, Tea can be made from dry flowering tops to improve circulation and ais digestion - however caution **** - Rosemary can be toxic, so if taking it internally, always do so professionally!
Blessed Be

Moonshine Witch x


  1. MM Nice blog I will enjoy it. This year I dried my sage on long matchsticks to see if it will work. I will let you know soon. MP Cat

  2. Oh that's a really good idea! Make sure you let us know how it goes! Its good to hear from you! New posts coming tomorrow!

    Blessed be!