Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Buckeye and Coll

Merry Meet everyone!

At this time of year, most witches have become obssessed with Samhain, however, whilst I was out the other day, I was looking for naturally found herbs that are ripe at the moment, to remind us that although Samhain does dominate the next few weeks, we shouldn't forget that it is the third of our harvest festivals.

I managed (easily) to find these two great little nuts which are in season, and can be used in our magical crafts - decorative or otherwise.

Coll (Hazel):
  • Coll is a masculine herb that relates to the Sun and the element of Air.
  • Hazelnuts are a luck charm, particularly when presented to someone, so over the next few days I will be showing you how to make lucky gifts that you can give to your loved ones... possibly for Samhain?
  • As we all know, Samhain is perfect for divination - and Hazelnuts are traditionally eaten to promote wisdom and aid in Divination - see how the Earth is giving us the things we need for this time of year?
  • Coll-Wood gives us protection, so draw a circle around something with a piece of Hazel to protect it!
  • Finally, Coll is magically sound for 'all-purpose' so why not make a wand or staff out of some :)
Buckeye (Horse Chestnut):
  • Buckeye is another masculine herb that relates to Jupiter and the element of Fire.
  • If you keep Buckeye (the conker) with money, then you attract more :)
  • These are particularly good for healing, so carry Buckeye to avoid being sick - also, it is said that if you carry Buckeye then you will have success in all things - so this is another nut which would be perfect for crafting Amulets :)
Well, this was just a quick summary of what I found - you should go out and have a look at what you can find! Tomorrow, I will be working to make my first video, which will be posted as soon as I can :) Until then, Blessed Be x


  1. I have plans myself this week to take a venture outside and see what i may accumulate... I love to gather at this time of year.... there is always so much to find.

  2. I love Horse Chestnuts (buckeyes!) My neighbor has a huge tree. I have used them in healing pouches though I most fondly remember playing conkers with them as a child. (It is very important to remember that horse chestnuts are never to be taken internally, unless properly processed, they are rather poisonous if consumed.)