Thursday, 7 October 2010

When the Lady's Moon is New...

Merry Meet everyone!!

OK well given that I have been through the other stages of the Lunar Cycle, I thought it was only right that we give another post to this stage! Tonight is the New Moon - which in it's simplest form means that The Moon cycle is starting again. Today is the first Day of the new moon, which runs until Day 4 of the cycle, when we head into the Waxing Moon.

In regards to the magical power that we can harness, the New Moon is more or less the same as the Waxing Moon; in that she symbolizes:
  • Birth
  • Virginity
  • Initiation
  • Beginnings
Use this time to reflect on the past Lunar cycle and prepare for this one!

On another note, the last day of the Lunar cycle is the Dark Moon. Now, it is said that the when the moon is dark, we shouldn't use magic (but the choice is yours!) - however, this is the perfect time to meditate or do Personal Work :) If you do want something spiritual to do at this time, then plant an Acorn - If you plant an Acorn by the dark of the moon, money is on it's way!

Today I have been out harvesting the seasons gifts (I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!) So make sure that you check back for factfiles and crafts using Horse Chestnut and Hazel :)

Blessed Be x

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