Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Building Buttons!

Merry Meet everyone...

Today I am working on upcoming posts, but I just wanted to pop something quick on here. I am
the most un-technical person on the planet, but have spent ALL day trying to make a "button"
for the blog.

Eventually, I've succeeded! WOOP! and if you all look to the right, there it is in all of it's glory!
Please feel free to place it on your site, and let me know and of course, I would be more than
happy to show yours :)

Which brings me to the next point, all of the blogs that I advertise, I honestly feel are worth
sharing, so please take a moment to take a look at them. I have visited a few blogs over the last few days and have been very impressed with all of them... If I do not have your button just send me a quick email (bjon3091@hotmail.co.uk) and i'll be happy to pop it up for you!

Until Tomorrow, Blessed Be x


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by Heartsease, Moonshine! I have been having so much fun looking through The Diary of a Witch! I have a great interest in herbs but have so much to learn. I think I will be visiting here a lot in the future. I am also going to steal your button. Blessings!

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  3. Congrats on your new button! Looks great!
    I will be posting on both of my blog :)
    BTW, thank you for your kind comments about Mom's a Witch! :D

    (not sure if it shows up that I deleted my above comment... cat jumped on the keyboard LOL)

  4. Ha! Naughty kitty! ;)

    I'm so not technically minded so this did quite literally take all day to do, but I like it..... I'm off to bed but I'll grab your new blogs button tomorrow


  5. I've been slacking on my blog reading over the past week or so and finally got around to stealing your button! )O(